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Analog Film Instagram Account


I've been slowly and carefully putting together my analog film Instagram account.  I know it seems a bit strange to have analog photograph displayed in digital form and not in print. Of course in this day and age it's harder to share what you love with people around the world without some sort of digital online service. I like the way Instagram has restrictions on how you can upload and share content.  At the end of the day it's a stream of photos and nothing else. There are ways to get creative there with layout by putting your own borders etc but that is just a bit of a unnecessary distraction and the original idea of having square photos only is what I like about instragram. 

It means if I have my 35mm film which is 4x6, I can't just post it without cropping into the image. It gives me little playground to see how image could have been composed for square format. I seldom take a photograph with square option in mind but it does happen on occasion. Some subjects work naturally better when cropped in square. It also means some images I can't post as they will not work as square format.

There is another self imposed restriction I apply, posting photographs in sets of three. I love photography, I like seeing and hearing stories.  Photographs are mini stories and posting them in sets on Instagram allows me to expand on each individual photo. I don't know if its noticeable to others but it is great fun for me to do.  The story set could have fairly loose connection, it could be a set of portraits with some common elements, a range of landscapes or just be set of photographs from the same location with mixed subject matter.