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Photography Exhibition in London - TimberYard Seven Dials

Photography competitions something I have never tried before. Why? Maybe I'm scared of rejection or maybe I didn't think my work was worth posting or maybe it is simply a matter of having right selection of images to display that show an interesting subject matter with depth.  I feel photography has to say something rather then just be a picture.  Take your mind on a journey.

I submitted three images that were taken in Morocco, in Agadir Airport which summed up my first trip to that wonderful country. 

Photos were taken on Kodak Portra 160 Film using Contax G1  camera. 

This was a great opportunity to print and frame these images so I said why not. They also qualify in my mind as giving viewer an interesting story to imagine. 

I've had these photographs printed at Labyrinth Photographic (My local Lab). John does an amazing (award winning) job.  What was more challenging is getting frames done for these. I found craftsmen at London Picture Centre and they helped me out with this. I was on a very tight deadline and they managed to do the job very quickly. They don't have a website but easy to find on google search. 

The competition was organised by Timber Yard Coffee Shop. They have two locations in Central London. The one in Seven Dials currently has many lovely photographs on display including mine. Hot Shoe Magazine were also offering prizes to Winners in Runner up. ( I was the runner up). Timber Yard do a lot of work with artists so please check out their site to see if you can participate https://tyuk.com/events/ty-art-competition-exhibition/ . They also have an Award Winning coffee. The gallery runs until 8th of February 2017.

Big Thanks to Labyrinth, Timber Yard, London Picture Centre, Hot Shoe Magazine and my Friends. And Special thanks to Morocco for incredible memories.