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My Local Lab


To my mind, wonder and magic of film photography really happens in photographic laboratory. The people who work in the labs are the magicians and I so love the way they work. 


My local Film Lab is Labyrinth Photographic ( http://www.labyrinthphotographic.co.uk ). Labyrinth is located on a very unassuming Roman Road in Bethnal Green. It’s located in a basement with low ceilings, filled with smell of chemicals and lack of airflow. There is no stuffy receptionist, no tills and not customer databases. It’s a place where they turn your film into negatives and prints. 


Labyrinth is well regarded as a place to develop professional quality film photographs, no digital printing here, this the world of analog. Yes they would do a digital contact sheet for you at very reasonable price and they also offer high resolution scanning with spot removal. You will get a WeTransfer with images which works great. This is not a 1 hour development lab. If they are busy with some serious work, prepare to wait for your negatives but it’s worth it as they will take good care of them.


Bringing my rolls of film there is a pleasure, they are usually very busy but it’s fun to watch them work and have a brief chat while dropping or picking up your order. 


I consider my self to be completely uneducated in how film development works. Yes I have seen the process and know what is involved but it still is not something you can claim to know unless you done it a few hundred times yourself. The same goes for printing from negatives.  If I ever get the time and opportunity to have someone with experience show me how this process works that would be wonderful. Until then I just want to leave it to professionals like people from Labyrinth. 


Photos: Paris 2016. Eiffel Tower, Bridge of Seine, Notre Dame | Kodak TMAX100



Today, I dropped by there to pick up a print I shot in Morocco and as John was busy I just hanged around the lab seeing what others were doing and asking them questions. It was a wonderful atmosphere. 

Photo: Boy, Morocco 2016 | Kodak Portra 160

Have a great day and keep shooting film.


Hope this didn't sound like a promotional post for Labyrinth. It's just a lab I use and if you have some good words to say about labs you use, do drop me a line.


Details for My Local Lab:

Labyrinth Photographic Printing

121 Roman Road
London E2 0QN
Tel: 020 8709 9961

Email: lab@labyrinthphotographic.co.uk

Opening Times
Monday to Friday 10:00am – 7pm
Weekends by appointment