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London Event Photographer

Corporate Event Photography services available in London.  Reliable Event Photographer in central London.  I specialise in Corporate and Art Events.


Freelance Event Photographer

Your event is unique so pricing is tailored for specific needs. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and let me provide you with competitive quote. 

Event Photography FAQ

Q: How soon after the shoot can we have images?
A: Depending on the timeframe and scale of the shoot, images can be made available for download on the same day or the day after.

Q: How many photos do we get?
A:  I will photograph according to your brief which should cover all the moments during the event. 

Q: Do images get retouched?
A: After shoot, I always go over the images and make sure they are optimally composed as well as correct any colour inconstancies If you need photos retouched, this can be arranged prior to shoot. I used Adobe Photoshop and Capture One Pro to do image post production.

Q: How do I pay?
A: Payment must be made on the day images are being delivered. It's also possible to pay by Bank Transfer or Cash on the day of the shoot.


I’ve worked it’s Dan a few times and it was a always a good satisfying experience. The photos looked great and his approach to work is great, he is very professional but super easy going and nice person at the same time.
— Dasha @ Google My Business

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