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Background information and photograph of Dan Korkelia, a London based photographer, client list, Dan's photograph. You can also find contact details and contact form on this page. 


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About Dan

Photograph of Dan Korkelia photographer at work

Dan was born in Moscow and spent most of his teenage years there. Growing up he fell in love with cinematography. His father was involved in Film and TV industry in Russia and gave him a sense of wonder for the cinematic process.

I love the magic of image, power of visual medium, collaboration with passionate individuals. My photography story started late but within a short time it has transformed my personal life and enhanced senses and relationships with people.

Live and work in London for the past 20 years. I value quality and that reflects in my approach to work and commitment to projects.


I work with these amazing people and companies who love what they do


Google UK
ZDDZ - Fashion Brand
Vogue (Ukraine)
Harpers Bazaar (Russian)
GINZA Magazine (Japan)
Sam Cooks Food - Food Blogger
Ideal U - Health and Beauty Clinic
Olya Shishkina - Fashion Brand
Facebar London
Woodhouse Estates
Xu Zhi - Fashion Brand
Higgs Young Architects
Career Cheetah
Fine Art Curator
Monkhouse Granary
The Guardian


Dan Korkelia

London, Hackney

Email: mail@dankorkelia.com