Portrait Photographer

Art Documentation Photographer

Dan Korkelia is a professional commercial London photographer. Apart from specialising in portraiture photography he also provides other services such as  art documentation photography, paintings and other fine art.

Art and Artwork Documentation Photography Services

 for galleries, museums, artists, collections and collectors.

Andy Warhol - Chairman Mao

Chairman Mao

Andy Warhol | Photographed though glass.

Andy Warhol - Double Mickey Mouse

Double Mickey Mouse

Andy Warhol | Photographed Though Glass


Please get in touch to discuss art documentation photography, your requirements and schedule a booking. 

Additional information on artwork photography:

  • Images will be supplied as high res JPEG in both RGB and CMYK formats ready for screen or for printing work (other options available). TIFF files available on request.

  • Photos are taken using high quality studio daylight balanced lighting equipment to for colour accuracy.

  • Images can be checked and seen on the spot during the photography session.

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